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     The common denominator in the development of modules is the direct access to the remote server on the Internet. The condition is only any connection with the Internet (without a public IP) in the case with WiFi module and in the case with GSM module SIM card with an active Internet connectionis the condition.

     It depends on the type of hardware how module will communicate. For example via USB, RS232 or RS485 (master-slave) device with the usual protocols (BACnet, Modbus, Profibus). With the Internet via WiFi, GSM or LAN TCP / IP.

     The advantage of this solution consists mainly in light expanding technology and energy savings - the need for a local network server eleminates, as well as backup power, public IP, etc. ..

     The biggest advantage is the possibility of supervision and management of technology by any web client (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, ...) either on the desktop or through mobile (tablet) from anywhere on the planet through our web server.

  LAN Module

     LAN module allows extension of the classical connection RS232/485 for greater length using traditional LAN with all its advantages. The local PC must run our communication program which connects modules LAN and routes to local or remote server.



Rate10/100 Mbit
RS232 / 4859 600..115 200 kbps
Power supply12..24 VAC, VDC
Input2 Watt
Mass100 g

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