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  The type of PLC software is divided as follows:

  • PLC with display without communication - not other software (client)

  • PLC module with LAN using our software - the client (running as a service) on a computer in a local network which enables to log to the file .csv, as well as bi-directional communication with a local server or with a server on the internet. A client can communicate with multiple PLCs on a local network.

  • PLC with GSM and WiFi module communicates directly with a local server or on the internet. Continuing Ed does not need software.

  Server communicates with the PLC modules equipped with LAN, GSM and WiFi.

    Database technology solution uses a client - web server in the local version. By default, the database server MySQL 5.1.36-community is supplied with the Web server Apache/2.2.11 mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8g PHP/5.3.0 (XP/W7 Windows, Linux). Thanks to these technologies, a high security of the database is in this way guaranteed against unauthorized interference and disruption of consistency, because of failure of a computer or a computer network.

    This technology is free available for any platform and for any number of clients. Access rights are assigned to users at the individual tables of the database.

    Data and computational operations are handled through the standard set of statistical functions (Min, Max, Avg, Honey, R, S, Vk). For better clarity can be viewed in addition to color charts and graphs with observed data. This module is available in several versions depending on the application.

    In the software market a lot of programs are available, but most of them is intended for single-use statistical data processing. The issue of transfer and storage in the database tables to their long-term monitoring, measurement, evaluation and visualization address marginally or do not work with these forms of data at all. Our server application solves this kind of working with data complexly and combines them into one system: measurement and visualization. In this way, the application extends the support of mutual comunication with users and interactivly complyes with the specific requirements and demands.


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