Welcome to our company LMP!

  Our staff have over 20 years experiences in repairing telecommunication and transmission systems, as well as in repairing measuring instruments from different manufacturers.

  Currently, a research is focused on modular solution of communication and PLC modules, data transmission and processing, either on an intranet or the website. The focus is mainly oriented on the reliability and the stability (low error rate) of transimtted data in the real time under extreme mechanical and climatical conditions.

  Besides selling and servicing our products LMP, we provide service of Wilo, Grundfos and Vonsch products (inverters and their accessories), and repairing of Acterna (WAG), SebaKMT measuring instruments.

  Our workplace is equipped with a top measuring devices so we are allowed to producing piece production of Tube Amplifier High-End class according to the customer.

  We also organize training courses for obtaining and grading your skills and knowledges about working with information and communication technologies (ICTs). Seminars and training programs also allow you to expand your know-how in the field of measurement and communication technology.

  Our availability provides to you a service and a guidance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our on-line access .



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